Friday, December 22, 2006

So we have our winners...

Its official! Not only has Santa lodged his flightplan (I saw it on the news) but we have 2 winners for my great yarn diet giveaway! Let me introduce you to:

ikkinlala said...

"I would provide a good home for the yarn. It would be kept cozy and comfortable in a nice clean shoebox, checked and admired every day, and, eventually, knit into something special. It would have some other yarn to keep it company, but would not be living in overcrowded conditions and would receive plenty of personalized (yarnalized?) attention.

Plus, hasn't it always wanted to travel to Canada? This is an excellent place for yarn to reach its destiny of keeping somebody warm."

She's right about that! Allow me to also introduce you to Lindsay

"Because I think it's pretty and I'd like to stroke it. Although now I think this is getting a little too "Of Mice and Men", but I would still love it, and it's less creepy stroking yarn than someone's hair, so I should have the yarn to avoid ending up in creepy situations"

So there you have it guys if you could both e-mail me at sally DOT baxter AT gmail DOT com, you can pick the colour you want and I'll send it out to you after Christmas!!!

On other news, the stashbusting blanket has been growing great guns with me adding a minimum of about 15 - 20cms a day onto it, although this is a far cry from the dare-I-think-about-it strips I need to complete the thing BEFORE July, At least I can have a lot done before I go back and do the work / study thing again. So for those wondering why I'm freaking out about it nice and early, it's because I figure that between swaps (I really do get a kick out having packages mailed to me!) and personal projects, the old blanket might not quite get the attention it needs. However, assuming things all go well, it might be ready for the ekka. Will definitely think about the ekka.

On the swaps note, all has bee received and photographed! YAY! except for one package, which has taken a WEEK to get from one state to another, I suspect it may be an Australia post thing, which sucks, but on the other hand it means I get a little treat straight after boxing day.

Alas I'm low on bandwidth, so no pics (my internet was freaking out just opening the browser, go figure) but hopefully soon!!


p.s. Ikkinlala and Lyndsey, PLEASE e-mail me so I can send out your beautiful yarn!!

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fitknit said...

Worthy winners. It's nice to see the yarn is going to good homes!