Friday, December 15, 2006

that old adage

You know how everyone tells you not to drink and knit? well I did. fortunately I only have to rip out half a row. and I swatched (repeatedly) for boogie, and I've done it! I've started boogie! I'm looking forward to one comfy vest for winter. The burnt red thing should be really nice with a lot of things.. Unlike the pattern, I've had to use 7.5 mm needles (mine are bright red!) and while the gauge is right, the yarn looks like its borderline too small for the actual requirement... however we shall find out when I start making this baby!

On another much happier note, I finished school today! (I work in a school) so staff drinks was met with relief of the highest order, not to mention an insight into what actually goes on in these mysterious work function drink thingies. while there was no dancing, singing, or random making out sessions, it was nice to see ambiguous conversation (read: flirting) and all round good spirit. so tomorrow I shall be a free spirit!! bound only by my budget :D

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