Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Had yourself a very merry Christmas?

Hey everyone! Hope you had a lovely and safe Christmas, shared gifts with loved ones and happy memories were created. Enough of the soppy stuff, time to let me brag baby! I got lucky and received a heap of wonderful stuff including fabrics and embellishments! And what embellishments!
If you want to see pics, PLEASE check out my flickr site because I uploaded them there, thinking I'd be really clever and have no worries uploading here by consequence. Fortunately someone pointed out that the photos weren't working. which sucks. A lot. Can anyone tell me how to successfully upload photos onto here from another website? do I have to make the photos a hyperlink to get the thing working? ggrrrr.

Next time I can get photos working I will also show the fantastic progress of boogie! I'm well and truly into the cabling and its looking really good! I can't wait to put this baby on. Seriously, for a first cabling project, this is perfect, big needles and yarn so it grows quickly and its just easy.

Anyway to wrap up a long chrissy day, we all relaxed and popped open a bottle of vintage Moet & Chandon. This little (albeit pricey) treat was given to mum earlier in the year and let me say now, that champagne is without doubt the NICEST stuff I've ever tasted. Not harsh on the pallet at all. Soft, mellow and a little strong, just perfect on its own or with a little turkey to line the stomach but not ruin the taste. And on that note, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and boxing day, and the forthcoming New Years is just as successful!


Lindsay said...

Oh no! I can't see your pictures. Of course, it could just be my computer, but I thought I better let you know.

It sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas though!

fitknit said...

Great pile of loot! Obviously, you were on Santa's 'Nice' list.