Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm online baby!!!

Well thank heavens for that!! after having some SERIOUS problems trying to sign in (who knew I could be so forgetful??) I thought I'd include some super secret pictures of my room and what I am sending out on my latest craftster swaps, and considering my readership is a healthy NIL, no one is going to go 'dear god.. she's sending me THAT??'

so first up, my caffeine inspired christmas trees (one completed the others not far away) getting blocked with starch (does that mean I'll wake up with a stiff finger tomorrow? *canned laughter*)

ta daaaaa!!! one christmas tree in need of decoration, predominantly, buttons!! of which I have heaps, but am completely not immune from the urge to buy mooorree!!!

next up on the super secret lets not peak! stash trip is the lolly supply that will go to one starved uni student in the us.. the more I look at this, the more I think.. 'crud, how much is this going to cost to send off?'

One all aussie lolly'lovin stash of chocolate.. now to include the handcrafted stuff! *looks wildly around for handcrafted items*

I have to go now, but tomorrow: flash your stash!!


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