Saturday, January 12, 2008

Funny funny funny

Hey everyone, I STILL don't have my camera back, but shock of all shocks, have one FO (blocking as we speak) and some pretty in progress pics to share. I will also be receiving a few lovely things in the mail, courtesy of all these online aussie yarn retailers having sales that got me parting with my $$ rather quickly lol.

The past few days have also been rather amusing, with the onerous task of cleaning up my grandfather's vast and expansive library. (Since being in a high care home for Alzheimers doesn't free up a lot of time for housework). Ten boxes of varying size later and the task is about halfway done. After some really interesting discoveries in the collection, it does make me wonder... What does your bookshelf say about you?

I wonder because amongst the copious quantities of golf books (seriously, how many golf books does one man need?), to books on economic reform and Russian politics (These were in perfect nic, why buy them if you don't need the sleeping tablet?) there were some books that indicated a less than perfect marriage. Soft porn, hidden behind the old school magazines and 'how to please your wife' manuals right under the books on pet care. Funny no? I'm still cracking up with laughter. One dirty old man to go thanks.

Another ironic thing in the collection? No less than two manuals on 'improving your memory'. Icing on the cake. :D

Take care, sleep in and try not to laugh too much.


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Thanks for playing in the 'Pay It Forward' - you're in :-)