Sunday, January 27, 2008

THe procrastination continues...

Hola everyone!

Still without camera (still bugging me something chronic too.. I want to take pictuuuress.. now! Grrr).

So here is a roundup of the crafty stuff I have done:
- beanie, for step mother
- Wheel spun some (rather badly) superwash fibre (can't remember if it's merino or just wool)
- Made a skirt using an easy peasy burda pattern. Planning to embellish/alter the next skirt I make with that pattern.
- learnt to make hairpin lace
- started a giant rectangel granny blanket for the sis. I think this will be done in time for her birthday, and I want to do a nice trim around the edges.
- Started the webs scarf from interweave knits using some handdyed cashmere (ooh the heaven!)
- Started a scarf using abovementioned handspun for father. Am thinking I will frog it, ply it/respin and see if I can get enough yardage/consistency for a hat.

Am thinking the next granny blanket I do will be a ripple blanket for myself. I'm also halfway through an art book cover for my swap partner in the reading rainbow swap on craftster (another reason I need a camera asap). I am utterly in love with what I've done so far, even if the colour scheme is not something I'd normally go for. I've pinned it down, and now need to start sewing those sections down. The final work is going to be a veritable masterpiece.

Also back at school, which is fun, and dealing with computer problems, which is less so. The new teacher librarian is ahem.. more teacher less librarian (for all teacher librarians looking for a job, there seems to be a shortage of such on the Coast. Do yourself a favour, get familiar with ALICE/Oliver, and get thee here!) which means I get to be a trainer of sorts. Fun, and time consuming. Time will tell.

Finally, I am doing the cheesy 'pass it on' thing that has been going around. I will make three people something in the next six months. All you have to do is leave a comment expressing interest in the comments and promise to make something for three people on your blog/Livejournal/whatever floats your boat.

adios for now!

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