Thursday, January 3, 2008

I guess I'm not much of a holiday person

And before I get berated/harassed for lacking spirit of any festive kind, its mainly because at Christmas I get constantly reminded that I'm an introvert, and exceptionally talented at leaving my past (read: people) behind. In other words, I lack friends (much less people I'd drive an hour out of my way for) in the real world.

What has this to do with the festive season? The fact that I'm spending a lot of time, at home reminds me of one of the integral reasons why I love to go to work. People.

To stave off boredom (and kilos) I've gone and gotten a gym membership. The body balance is fun (legalised torture meets easy listening music) and learning to use a treadmill also a new experience. (Now I see why I want an ipod. Walking straight ahead watching/listening to pithy music videos isn't that interesting)

This isn't a pithy wingeing thing. Just an update, a hola, if you will.

Everyone has resolutions. I've been trying to avoid the resolution bug, but alas, there are some things I want to do. With measurable results. Arg.

- Get organised, in fact get so organised that I can tell you what I'm doing at what time in a month's time. This being rather necessary for study, of which I'm doing two subjects and full time work. This is also why I have stockpiled tea (survival!).
- save money for pending move end of semester/year. This will work very well with me studying my butt off.
- Try new things in the craft world. I MUST get around to trying canvas work on my plastic canvas...

That's it. Between trying to plan my life weeks in advance and blessing stockinette for the boring bliss that it is, I will be swamped.

And enjoying work. Now if they would only pay more... lol

adios for now!

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fitknit said...

Hey, has your house floated away?!? It's OK to have a break from people 'cos you appreciate them so much more when you catch up. Enjoy the quiet!